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How We Work

The following process outlines how to use Dr. McDonald's services for oral surgery.

Consultation & Diagnosis

Initially you will need a consultation visit. During this time an examination will be performed and any radiographs will be assessed. An outline of any procedure with relevant risks would be presented at that time. All costs involved will be detailed.

When possible a pre approval will be sent to your insurance carrier prior to the procedure. A written report will be sent to your referring dentist or doctor. . Once the surgery is completed you may require some follow up visits depending on the type of surgery performed. You will be advised of the timing of these appointments.

Schedule Appointment

The next step is to make an appointment. If the surgery will be performed in the office, the time can be set up with the receptionist.

If the surgery involves a hospital procedure then you will be placed on the hospital list. Waiting times will vary. An estimation of the wait will be supplied at that time

Perform Treatment

Treatment will be performed in my office or in the hosptial.


Dr. McDonald will follow-up each case to ensure proper treatment and recovery.

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